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02. Then you will see ranked list of realtors, or output all realtors
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Tony Colbaugh

Birmingham, AL
phone_androidMobile: (205) 908-7701
draftsEmail: [email protected]

Deedee Assaad

Birmingham, AL
phone_androidMobile: (205) 830-7400
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Joslyn Blanchard

Anchorage, AK
phone_androidMobile: (907) 312-50-24
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Tomyal Emptage

Phoenix, AZ
phone_androidMobile: (602) 405-79-41
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Kim Tilmon

Conway, AR
phone_androidMobile: (501) 514-36-56
Office: (501) 291-38-41


Nancy Davidson

Mammoth Lakes, CA
phone_androidMobile: (760) 937-23-01
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Jeff Plous

Denver, CO
phone_androidMobile: (303) 317-57-58
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Liz Eckert

Fairfield, CT
phone_androidMobile: (203) 451-43-00
Office: (203) 254-71-00
draftsEmail: [email protected]

yDistrict of Columbia

Jim Connolly

Washington, DC
phone_androidMobile: (202) 550-7460
Office: (202) 483-6300


David Fernandez

Weston, FL
phone_androidMobile: (305) 450-0944
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Kimberly McDonald

Atlanta, GA
phone_androidMobile: (678) 382-9710
Office: (404) 876-4901
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Brandon Sakata

Honolulu, HI
phone_androidMobile: (808) 222-5244
Office: (808) 738-3157
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Kelly Exline

Boise, ID
phone_androidMobile: (208) 724-1560
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Michael Michalak

Chicago, IL
phone_androidMobile: (312) 527-4417
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Michael Berry

Avon, IN
phone_androidMobile: (317) 440-0386
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Jon Lipovac

West Des Moines, IA
phone_androidMobile: (515) 771-8556
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Debi Strange

Wichita, KS
phone_androidMobile: (316) 806-4860
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Todd Martin

Louisville, KY
phone_androidMobile: (502) 220-4663
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Michelle LaBanca

New Orleans, LA
phone_androidMobile: (504) 949-5400
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Amy Tarbox

Portland, ME
phone_androidMobile: (207) 831-9121
Office: (800) 450-7784
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Sonya Francis

Hampstead, MD
phone_androidMobile: (443) 220-6560
Office: (410) 871-4300
draftsEmail: [email protected]


J.T. Kelly

Newton, MA
phone_androidMobile: (617) 777-0248
draftsEmail: [email protected]


Gino Tozzi

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
phone_androidMobile: (313) 587-6602
draftsEmail: [email protected]

Paul Banicki

Royal Oak, MI
phone_androidMobile: (248) 259-4187
Office: (248) 414-1450
draftsEmail: [email protected]


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Real Estate USA

Today, enough popular interest for investors and property buyers is real estate USA. According to the latest economic data, it is revealed that approximately 100.000.000$ is invested in US real estate every year.

Some buyers prefer the most accessible states, such as California, Florida, Arizona, Texas. While more popular and no less investment are the states of New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington.

What is profitable in buying a home specifically in these states? Let's consider their advantages:

  • Florida has a tropical and subtropical climate (+18 degrees are the lowest winter temperature);
  • Miami is known for its developed infrastructure, best beach with warm ocean, as well as the tropical climate;
  • New York is a city of business, investment, elite earnings.

In the process of choosing and buying a house, you must understand which city is suitable for your life plans and opportunities. Your choice depends on earnings, job availability, marital status. Real estate agent will help you to make sense of these details.

Real Estate Agents Database, which owns our site, will allow you to find a realtor. Our specialists professionally engaged in the buying, selling or exchanging of realty USA. In addition, these professionals work with the contracts, which is often a difficult task for ordinary people.

Our realtor listings include candidates who have experience in leading real estate companies, investment companies and other organizations that are involved in real estate operations. Some of real estate sales agents and buyer’s agents organize their small business.

What can you demand from local realtors and what are their main work-related duties?

  • Finding a house by applying of home buying websites or through their database;
  • They help with house sale or the conclusion of a rental agreement;
  • Consultation of potential clients about real estate homes for sale (it is possible in telephone communication mode);
  • Apartment, office, room, house presentation;
  • Work with documents for the transaction;
  • Conclusion Exclusive Right to Sell;
  • Realtor search customers for own base and its development.

Let's talk about real estate prices. When selling real estate, you can set your own prices, but you should rely on the average USA home prices and discuss this with your agent.

You are very lucky if you can afford to become the proud owner of one of the luxury homes in the center of popular state. But it happens that your budget is limited and you want looking for a home in any state. In this case, your agent should help in finding the cheapest real estate in USA. The price will vary depending on the state, location of the object in it, year of construction and interior.

By the way, you need to pay special attention to the location of the object. The degree of your convenience in terms of the road to work will depend on it. If you have children, find out about the nearest schools in the area. If you buy property in center of New York, for example, then you should not worry about how many stores, markets there are around. And if you choose Miami as your future location, we advise you to find the area with the lowest crime rate. American realty advisors always have information about this.

In the US, the most popular types of residential real estate are:

  • Condo;
  • Townhouse;
  • Single family homes

You need to see each of the listed types of listed property listed above, to feel the difference between them and understand which of these places you will be pleased to be in, walk around its surroundings, and what to do in the area. Take the time to visit the house for sell that interested you.

Before you make a certain real estate transaction in the United States, evaluate your desires and real possibilities. Inspect real estate listings in all regions. Make a decision: to pay the sum in full or there is a need to take out a loan. Consider the additional costs, including payment of Escrow services.

For operations related to real estate, you need not only browse realtor websites, but also find a reliable lawyer. He will be able to represent your interests in the process of concluding a contract and competently draw up and conclude a necessary document. A good lawyer is a guarantee of the protection of your rights and obligations. The services of American lawyers can cost from several hundred to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the degree of complexity and price of your lawyer.

Do not forget that if you are a member of a large company, then most likely you are offered support in the process of buying residential property. This may be stipulated in the work contract.

After you decide on the buying or selling of american house, the negotiations will begin. At the initial stage, they are accompanied by a broker. He can also deal with the issue of discounts, if necessary. Bargaining is not prohibited.

After solving the price issue, the buyer pays the insurance deposit. Its size is 10% of the property value. Then the contract is signed between the buyer for a certain period of buying. It is usually up to 60 days after the signing of the contract.

At this time, the seller is obliged to vacate the apartment and bring it into proper form.

If you are absolutely ready to sell or buy real estate, then start considering the specific options that our professional realtor will offer you. We wish you successful transactions!

Real Estate Broker

An individual entrepreneur or a juridical personality that organizes a search for a potential buyer or seller will decide the issue of a real estate transaction is a real estate broker.

Before you start a property search or sell it, think about whether you need to hire a home realtor. Some people believe that in the case of real estate rent you can cope with this task yourself, while saving money on the services of a professional realtor agent. However, with more serious operations such as buying or selling this opinion is erroneous. In the US, it is customary to apply to real estate companies. Let's look at a few reasons that indicate that it is best to work with a specialist.

Realtor helps to avoid deception

Often, the buyer may stumble upon some swindle. A frequent example of such swindle is that the seller wraps up an important legal details. For example, he does not report that the agriculture property does not belong to him or he owns it only partially. House realtor will take into account all these details and protect them from distressed developers, their debts. Another problem could be hidden damage. Our professionals evaluate and check the condition of the housing completely, looking through all the details.

The realtor will set the appropriate price

How do you determine the right price for a particular US house? The method of searching and comparing prices via the Internet is not the most reliable. Only experienced realtors are always aware of the most current prices in the real estate market. They can insure the client against overpayments, after analyzing the condition of the building, its location and the level of development of the infrastructure around. As well as realtor homes for sale can be rated higher than the seller expects. Then he gets more benefits.

Also, the realtor is able to negotiate a greater discount than the average buyer.

Realtor saves your time

If a client independently searches for a long time, selects, collects all documents, then real estate brokers can significantly reduce the time it takes for this process. Thus, after receiving information about the available budget for the purchase, the realtor needs, on average, from 1 to 6 months to search for the object. Then there is a legal stage, that is, the specialist checks the legal purity of the transaction, which takes from 3 to 14 days. Approval of an application for a loan will take 2-3 weeks, without any problematic situations. And the final stage is the signing of a contract and registration of real estate. The duration of this procedure is up to two weeks.

As you noticed, the process of finding homes to buy or sale is usually delayed for a long time, so it’s better to entrust this business to professionals.

Offer exclusive options from the realtor

Not all offers can be claimed on the open real estate market, but some licensed realtors have an exclusive right that allows them to sell such an object. It can be both the best, expensive and unique real estate, and cheap houses for sale.

After the above reasons, you understand that if you are looking for a house, it will be safer to use the services of a professional broker. Then the following question arises: how to find a realtor?

It is important not to rush to the choice. You can find residential or commercial realtor on our website. There you must indicate the state in which you want to buy or sell real estate. After that you will see the list and will be able to select the appropriate candidate. Pay particular attention to realtor reviews, in which people write about the advantages and disadvantages of the person.

You can contact the real estate offices and find a realtor there. In this case, pay attention to the presence of working and friendly environment in the office, on the date of creation and the success story of work in the real estate market. If the agency exists recently, it does not have enough reviews and it will be difficult for you to assess the abilities of its employees. On the other hand, experienced and successful realtors can work there. You need to clarify this. Consider that only a person who has a license, many years of practice and a wide client base can become a realtor.

There is also a National Association of Realtors, whose member brokers are known as realtors (member agents are known as realtor associates), is a North American trade association for those who work in the real estate industry.

Feel free to ask about the security guarantees of the upcoming transaction and discuss the details of legal support at all stages of this serious process.

On our site you can find only tested realtors who have many years of experience and an excellent reputation. Choose your future realtor responsibly.